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Household RELOCATION planS

A detailed household move plan is developed for each relocation to ensure the success of relocation. The plan covers three phases: (1) before the move, (2) the actual move, and (3) after the move.

Before the move

The primary components of the pre-move phase include: 

  • The creation and distribution of a detailed, overarching relocation booklet called ‘Amina’s Big Move’ to prepare community members for displacement and the move to Quitunda Village. Amina’s Big Move is told from the perspective of a young girl whose family is relocating.
  • A third-party implementation partner provided social preparation including: (i) village induction and integration; (ii) basic sanitation and hygiene; and (iii) basic house operations and maintenance.
  • Health screenings for each resettlement household, including (i) assessing the physical and mental states of household members; (ii) referring discovered issues to the relevant medical services for treatment prior to relocation; and (iii) documenting any concerns for reassessment post-move.

In 2019, the first of the new community members moved into their new homes in Quitunda Village as part of Phase 1 in the resettlement plan.

The actual move

In addition to the relocation allowance to support households moving into Quitunda Village, the project operator will provide relocation assistance, including:

  • Preparing a relocation plan and checklist
  • Ensuring household readiness for relocation
  • Capturing, crating, and uncrating livestock for new livestock shelter
  • Transporting household members to new homes
  • Providing three months of food packages
  • Providing a welcome box of basic household cleaning goods

After the move

After the move, the project operator carries out follow-up visits to the resettled households. These visits will focus on household health to ensure they are settling in well.

Community compensation

Resettlement includes a compensation entitlement framework