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Employment opportunities are being created in Palma

60 new jobs have been created in Palma District as a result of the contract signed between CCS JV - the principal onshore contractor for Mozambique LNG Project - and Moz Environmental Lda.

Moz Environmental Lda, a Mozambican company with facilities in Pemba and Palma, operating in the area of environmental services for several different clients.

Moz Environmental Lda, signed its first contract with CCSJV in 2018 and again in the beginning of 2020 to provide waste management services for the Project.

Moz Environmental Lda team

The Moz Environmental Lda team.


Local content stories

Stories about the project's work in Mozambique

Ben Yanda, Oil and Gas Manager in Moz Environmental Lda says: “Our focus is to provide innovative and effective waste management solutions to our clients. Our workforce comes from the districts in which we operate, for example, in Palma more than 80% of the team comes from the district.

“We take pride that nine out of our 28 leadership positions are filled by Mozambican women, two of whom work in field operations which is a historically male dominated subsector of industry,” concluded Ben.


Waste management handling

Waste management handling.

Moz Environmental Lda, have developed a core set of smaller subcontractors to work together with, build local capacity. Currently they have two working relationships with local subcontractors in Palma and many local suppliers for goods, services and materials.

Waste storage containers

Waste management containers.


Mozambique LNG Project developed a set of dedicated tools and procedures to manage its activities in an environmentally sound manner. In this view, the Project’s requires flawless waste management services to be implemented, in line with its sensitive approach to the local context, the ecosystem balance, people’s health and nature conservation. Moz Environmental is aligned to this approach and proud of working to fulfill the Project’s demanding environmental standards, while creating opportunities in Palma and contributing to the socio-economic development of the area.